Company ID Cards

What Are the Benefits of Having Company ID Cards?

Company ID cards typically include details such as name, job title and the department in which the employee works. Some also feature a photo and can be worn around the neck, clipped to a badge or belt or simply carried in a wallet to be produced when necessary. There are many reasons why a company may issue ID cards to their employees.
Increased Security

Use of employee ID cards can significantly improve company security. They are a great way to implement access restrictions to buildings and equipment, as well as to differentiate between employees and non-employees.
Better Workplace Relationships

In larger workplaces, ID cards help employees to identify who is who. They are especially helpful where different departments are separate and face-to-face communication is rare. Visible ID cards are also a great way to improve employee-customer relationships. Not only will they enable the customer to identify the employee, but being able to put a name to a face also helps to put the customer at ease.
Additional Benefits

Many companies negotiate special discounts and deals with other local businesses, such as special membership deals at a nearby gym or discounted meals at a local restaurant. The ID card is an ideal way to enable employees to take advantage of these offers, and for the local businesses involved to easily identify legitimate employees. Aside from giving employees a boost, this is also a great marketing tool. Such schemes usually serve to positively reinforce the company brand, as well as enable the company logo and objectives to become better recognised.

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