Student ID Cards

The Benefits of Having a Student Identity Card

Being a student brings with it many practical benefits, including special offers, price reductions on purchases and fares and so on. It is certainly very advisable then for students to carry with them a widely accepted method of identification. Potential benefits can include:

On-campus security has long been regarded an important issue, with most universities developing their own crime-prevention initiatives to ensure the student community can pursue their studies and interests in safety. Ensuring that all enrolled students carry an easily recognised identification card, to be produced when accessing restricted or sensitive areas of the university or college (such as residential halls), is an easy way of helping to keep everyone safe.

Many shops, restaurants and bars offer special offers and promotions to those attending university or college. It's obviously vital, therefore, for students to carry identification that quickly confirms their eligibility for such offers.
Age Restrictions

Some products and services, such as those related to the purchase and consumption of alcohol, are age-restricted, requiring the purchaser to confirm his or her age with a photo ID. A student identity card, which not only gives the student's date of birth but also details of the university, is a readily acceptable form of identification in these circumstances.
Two Forms of Identification

Many products and services, such as setting up a broadband or mobile phone contract or opening a student bank account, require two forms of ID. Having a dedicated student ID card would comfortably satisfy any company requiring an additional photo ID.

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