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How MyUKID Can Help Medics In An Emergency

Posted on 20 Oct 2014 by myUKid

Recently the Daily Mail newspaper published an alarming article stating how only one in five British doctors would hesitate or not help if they came across an accident for fear, of being sued. Furthermore, the survey (of almost 350 medics) conducted by the British Medical Journal recorded that 21% of medics would be unsure or would not want to go to the aid of someone in need of medical attention if off duty.

Whilst for some medics their fear of being sued may stem from whether or not they have been sufficiently trained to deal with particular emergencies, others may feel that by assisting a casualty without knowing anything about that persons' medical history (blood type/allergies etc.) will also leave them or their practice open to legal action.

How Can MyUKID help medics in an emergency?

Imagine if there was a card that either contained important medical information, or a phone number to a help desk that a medic could call to gain potential life-saving information about someone. Not only would this help medics feel more confidence in assisting in an emergency, but also lower the risk of them being sued and facing legal action.

Imagine... Well, there is NO need to imagine. will soon be on its way!

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